Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Happenings

So far, October has been a great month. We have several new participants and lots of visitors that have come to the center. Everyone enjoys meeting new people and sharing the fun that the Johnson Center provides. During the month, we have been celebrating "Travel around the World." So many of us have traveled to different countries and different continents. It has been so interesting to learn about different customs and cultures while sharing so many personal travel stories. Also, there are so many beautiful posters of different countries in Fellowship Hall.

A big thanks goes to Amey (one of our CNA'S) , her family and friends for the wonderful fashion show a few weeks ago. They modeled clothing from Togo in Africa which is where Amey and her family are originally from. The clothes were so colorful and beautiful. The background beat of the African drum transported us to a different land. As the month continues, we look forward to more travel trivia and discussions.

Happy Halloween to all!

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